Blotter o’ the week: A woman who got into a fight with her ex-girlfriend at a Chuck E. Cheese’s parking lot told an officer, “I punched her in the face. I was wrong.”

The manager of a West Ashley apartment complex called the cops on a woman who was stealing from the laundry room and selling moonshine in the parking lot. While talking to officers, the woman opened a food container revealing paraphernalia and a bag of weed.

For some reason, a West Ashley high school student admitted to his assistant principal that his vape pen was actually weed.

Officers witnessed a crack sale involving “a well-known narcotic dealer on the Eastside of Charleston.”

A woman left her cell phone and driver’s license as collateral for a $51 tab at a downtown barbecue joint. She did not come back for her belongings or her bill.

Close to $20,000 in construction materials were stolen from the future site of a West Ashley hotel.

A woman forgot her wallet at an elementary school tardy desk while signing her daughter in late. Surveillance video shows that the next parent to sign his child in took the wallet, which contained $1,200 in cash. The man caught on video denied stealing it.

A grocery store employee embezzled $1,375 in gift cards by secretly adding charges to customer transactions. The store is also ratting her out for taking $10 in drinks and $8 in rolls.

A woman requested that $7,451 be withdrawn from her 401(k) and sent to her house in a check via UPS. When she went to a bank, she was told the check had already been cashed.

According to CPD’s Urban Dictionary, a “stem” is “commonly used to smoke narcotics.”

A man called the cops on his 16-year-old son, who threatened to “beat him up” if he didn’t leave his room. According to the father, his son had written out a check for $200 to himself and deposited it into his own account via mobile deposit.

A doctor told officers that a man who went to the hospital concerned about a bruise on his child may have been engaging in “an attempt to use the hospital as a tool in a custody battle over the children.”