Blotter o’ the Week: Officers discovered an intoxicated man who had broken into a funeral home to sleep it off after a night of drinking. He was easily identified by police due to the smell of booze and urine, as well as a pulse.

While searching a home, officers discovered several grams of cocaine and prescription pills hidden inside of peanut containers.

A man loaded up a shopping cart with seven cases of energy drinks and walked out of a store without paying. The store’s manager confronted the suspect and was able to retrieve six of the cases before the man fled.

Three roommates reported several items missing from their home, including $200 in cash, a laptop, a video game console, and a bag of clothes. One of the residents informed police that he usually leaves the front door to their home open and an unknown number of visitors have passed through since the last time they saw the missing items.

A man successfully paid for a lighter valued at $1.51 with a fake $100 bill marked “For Motion Picture Use Only” on both sides. The cashier took the counterfeit bill and gave the man $98.49 in change.

An officer noticed the smell of alcohol after stopping a vehicle that swerved off the road. When questioned by the officer, the passenger of the vehicle said, “I’ve been drinking since I got off work.” A search of the car revealed cocaine that was said to belong to the driver.

Officers responded to a gentlemen’s club following an alarm at a neighboring business. Upon entering the club, an officer observed a man standing behind the bar sweeping a white powdery substance that covered a large portion of the counter into a nearby sink, according to an incident report. The report also noted that the man and one of the club’s managers refused to exit the building and continued to dispose of what the officers believed to be cocaine.

Detecting the odor of marijuana coming from a vehicle during a traffic stop, officers asked a man to exit the car to which he responded, “No, call my momma over here.” The suspect continued to resist officers as they removed him from the vehicle and discovered marijuana and cocaine in the car.

A man attempted to leave a bar without paying after running up an $82 tab including six cans of beer, four shots of bourbon, and eight shots of tequila.

Police responded to a report of an intoxicated man throwing up in a convenience store downtown one evening. When questioned, the man told officers he was unaware of how he made it downtown and the last place he remembered being was Johns Island.

Department store staff observed a female shoplifter fill her cart with a power saw, multiple packages of cheese, and several bananas before attempting to exit the building without paying.

An officer discovered an intoxicated man lying on the ground outside of a convenience store late one evening. He informed the officer that he was “just taking a break,” according to an incident report. When asked how much he had to drink, the man replied, “Too much.”

Officers pulled over a suspected drunk driver who immediately opened her car door and exited the vehicle. When asked where she was coming from, the woman replied, “I actually live and work in South Carolina,” before she handed the officer the owner’s manual to her car. The woman then began crying. When placed into the officer’s vehicle, she “admitted to being F’ed up and that she F’ed up,” according to an incident report.

A man managed to chase two burglars away from his home with a broom one evening. His brush with danger quickly became a sweeping effort to clean up crime.

A man entered a sandwich shop and paid for his meal with a counterfeit $100 bill. He received more than $90 in change and left the restaurant without the food he ordered. Immediately after he exited the shop, the man’s accomplice entered and attempted to pay for an order of french fries with another $100 bill, also believed to be counterfeit, but the cashier informed him that she was all out of change.

Around 2 a.m. one evening, a man awoke to a loud sound and decided to investigate. He exited his home to find his neighbor parked in his driveway, repeatedly revving the engine of his motorcycle. When the man told his neighbor that people were trying to sleep, his neighbor allegedly began screaming and pushed him to the ground before running inside his home.

According to an incident report, an intoxicated man allegedly placed a bar manager in a headlock after the man was asked by staff to leave one evening.