Steve Stegelin

The Blotter is taken from reports filed with Charleston Police Department between July 14 and July 20. No one described in this section has been found guilty, just unlucky.


Blotter o’ the week: A group of black children were reported to police for “eyeing” a white complainant and making “finger/hand gestures to resemble a gun.” We get it, kids make our blood run cold, too.

Someone stole 30 pounds of ground beef, 15 pounds of ground pork, 20 pounds of ground veal and 60 bottles of wine from a James Island restaurant. If you know anyone who suddenly has the means to make a killer stew for a crowd, you should contact CPD.

Responding to reports of gunshots, police in West Ashley found a vehicle parked in a driveway with damage to its windshield, apparently from bullets. When asked, the owners said they hadn’t heard anything. Wonder what noise-canceling headphones they were wearing and where we can get a pair?

A handgun was stolen out of a man’s vehicle parked on the third story of a parking garage near his apartment. Note to the public: Firearm thieves are willing to climb stairs and/or ride elevators, you are not safe due to elevation.

Have you ever wondered if someone could do a field sobriety test really quickly and accurately if they had just snorted a line of cocaine? One man tried downtown. He failed.

One man’s car was stolen from a downtown parking lot, which we normally don’t write about, but this one happened to be a 1991 Alfa Romeo convertible. This is nothing short of a tragedy.

If you’ve ever wondered what pranks adult twins pull, we have you covered: An officer lost sight of a vehicle during a pursuit, but other officers soon were engaged in a foot chase with the driver. After catching and detaining him, police learned he was not the driver of the car they had lost, and was in fact, his twin brother.

A downtown horse carriage tour company advised officers that someone was threatening to do harm to their business on social media. Upon reading the posts, officers determined the offender was “upset with horse abuse from the heat,” but didn’t indicate actions will be taken. We hate to break it to this carriage owner, but we’re going to need a whole new wing at the department if Facebook complaints about the heat and/or horses warrant a police response.

A West Ashley man watched as four masked men got into his car and drove away last week. Any other time, this would have been an odd occurrence based on the report, but in 2020 … Yeah this checks out.

One excessively drunk man was trying his luck in picking up women in Marion Square last week. It went about as well as you’d expect: He was arrested for public intoxication, officers double cuffed him and he still couldn’t wrap his head around why the women wouldn’t go home with him.