Illustration by Steve Stegelin

Blotter of the Week: A West Ashley officer pulled over a man after hearing music coming from his vehicle several car lengths away with bass so loud it was reportedly vibrating his cruiser. We haven’t given one of these out in a while: dope.

Runners Up:

A downtown woman who collapsed told EMS that she had preexisting medical conditions and that she “regularly smoked crack,” but proceeded to blame the weather. Yeah, we know it’s hot out there, but we doubt we can blame this one on Mother Nature.

Employees at a West Ashley department store told officers that a pair of men approached their counter and accused them of being rude to them for being homosexual in an attempt to distract the workers while another pair of men stole merchandise. The attempt was equal parts unsuccessful and just plain confusing. 

A downtown man approached patrolling officers and told them to arrest him because he said he was “too drunk to run anymore.” While they appreciated the honesty and compliance, they didn’t have much to arrest him for until he started shouting profanities at them and passersby. 

A West Ashley man told officers that his ex-daughter-in-law called him back after he had hung up on her and threatened to burn his mother’s house down if he did so again. We know being hung up on is annoying, but this is potentially an overreaction.