Blotter o’ the Week: An employee at a department store in West Ashley watched as a man walked over to the freezer section and shoved cologne down his pants. A search would later reveal that he’d also hidden two sticks of deodorant and one more bottle of cologne down there, suggesting there was probably a lot of unused space to begin with.

A man driving home from an AA meeting handed officers a Mexican passport as identification.

A high school bus driver had to pull over in a grocery store parking lot after a student threatened to stab the bus aide. The student, who has an affinity for shooting an “air gun” on the bus, then asked police officers whether Germany or Japan was more evil in World War II.

A man left his information with a clerk at a drug store while conducting a money transfer before stealing a $13 hat by putting it on and walking out of the store.

A woman said that she and her husband got into a physical altercation at a downtown hospital while her daughter got her teeth checked.

Pro tip: Don’t walk hurriedly, with your hand clenched, down a street regularly patrolled by police officers.

A man walked into an auto service shop, hid a $400 power inverter under his coat, walked away, and climbed into his truck as the cashier yelled after him.

A James Island woman left a baby sitter and a housekeeper with keys to her house while she left for vacation and returned to find $3,400 worth of jewelry and accessories missing.

After a violent road rage incident that involved one driver spitting on an unsuspecting passenger and the other driver breaking a car window, the two men displayed some borderline admirable character development, admitted to being in the wrong, and decided not to press charges against each other.

When an officer asked a woman who was driving if she had anything to drink, she said, “One hundred percent, yes, I’m not going to lie … yes,” after apologizing for being an “asshole” and “fucked up.”

A woman tried to steal a package of Dunkin Donuts coffee valued at $8.99 from a local grocery store. But in her defense (and as an office that runs on K-cups), they are unduly expensive.

A woman was scammed out of hundreds of dollars when a person claiming to be her boss e-mailed her and asked her to buy multiple iTunes gift cards and send her the codes, thought we can’t imagine any job where that would be a reasonable request.

A former employee stole a 55-inch TV from the back of the kitchen of a pizza joint in West Ashley. Not the stealthiest theft in the world, but a surefire way to make a statement.

A downtown woman who met a couple while playing “Game of War” online two years ago is now being accused by one of them of having an affair with her boyfriend, the other player, in Portland, Oregon. The scorned gamer has sent several harassing phone calls and faxes to the Charleston woman since.

An officer patrolling King Street one night watched as a man ran in front of him shouting profanity and opened the driver’s side door of his patrol car — a considerate move likely meant to save the officer some time.