Blotter o’ the Week: An unknown person walked up to the window of a downtown restaurant, pressed his face against the glass to look inside, and punched it.

A pick-up truck sideswiped a CARTA bus and drove off. When the driver stepped out to check the damage, she tripped over a brick on the sidewalk and had to be taken to the hospital with injuries to her knee and hip.

Officers took to to identify three rectangular white bars with the words “XANAX” written across them.

A discount store employee confronted a man when a four-ounce can of Axe body spray fell from inside his shirt. CP Court rules that for the good of society, he should be allowed to keep it and move on. Gift is tax deductible pending administrative action.

Someone stole 18 Tom Ford sunglasses, each valued at $175, from a car in a Holiday Inn Express parking lot. Pawning a few of them for a better hotel stay might not have been a bad idea.

Bones belonging to a human and an “unknown type of animal” were discovered in a Harleston Village construction site.

Incels in Charleston: A man has been writing a downtown boutique employee threatening letters saying, among other things, that he has a right to have sex with her without consent, that “refusal to engage in sexual intercourse with him would be a violation of due process,” and that restraining orders and trespass notices are “both a form of discrimination.” Nothing better than using bastardized civil rights rhetoric to get laid.

A woman says that a man gave her “the scariest look she’d ever seen” after he walked into her workplace, invited a couple in from the street, pitched them on his business, and escorted them out.

On asking an extremely hammered guy where he was headed for the night: “It should be noted that the offender kept pointing towards Brittlebank Park, which is not a living area for anyone.”

Someone stole $100 worth of nursing textbooks from someone’s car because, yes, that’s what it’s come to. More importantly, what sorcery is turning $100 into more than one textbook?

Three women, one man, and a four-year-old formed the dream team that stole $438 of clothes from a King Street retailer.

More entries from CPD’s Urban Dictionary: “It should be noted that the term ‘blunt’ is known to officer … as a rolled cigar containing marijuana.”

Heads up weed-heads: CPD knows what vapes and vape tips are. TSA’s working knowledge is still up in the air.

This week in Victoria’s Secret thefts: A woman known to have stolen from the store in the past brought an uninitiated friend with her to mop nine pairs of sandals, three pairs of leggings, one tank top, two T-shirts, two pairs of underwear, and one pair of pants. Total value: $686.20.

A West Ashley department store was momentarily closed after a man with a Beaufort phone number called in claiming that he heard a “group of Mexicans” discuss planting a bomb in the bathroom minutes earlier.

Authorities responded to a call in reference to a woman who was “sitting down beside an elevator crying in the parking garage.” We feel you, sis.