Blotter o’ the Week: One man’s effort to “Make America great again” was uprooted when he noticed a suspect remove all of the Donald Trump campaign signs from his property.

Police responded to reports of a woman jumping out of a vehicle and running around in traffic during a night of drinking. According to an incident report, the woman told officers that she did not wish to stay with her husband because she had just learned that he had an affair. After attempting to walk away from the scene, the woman was detained when she began shoving an officer.

A woman was spotted speeding down a highway on two flat tires. After she was stopped by an officer, the woman said she was aware that the tires were flat. She also admitted to having a few drinks before taking her deflated drive downtown.

One man allegedly stole all of the batteries in stock at a gas station, according to an incident report. After fleeing the store, he kept going and going and going.

An employee at one shoe store has been allegedly stealing money from the business to the amount of $180,000 over the course of a year. Chances are the suspect’s employer will be giving her the boot unless she can cobble together a good defense.

A verbal confrontation became physical after one man told his alleged attacker, “You’re below my pay grade. I don’t have to talk to you,” according to an incident report.

A man was spotted downtown enjoying a Sex on the Beach cocktail while hanging out on the sidewalk.

An $800 set of chef’s knives was stolen downtown. Be on the lookout for a suspect who can slice, dice, and julienne.

A hoverboard and Xbox 360 went missing from a frat house. Not cool, bro.

Shopping List O’ the Week: A shoplifter attempted to make off with a large stuffed bear, a large plastic container, a bag of frozen corn, and three drill sets.

An officer was approached by an intoxicated man late one evening who said he had lost his friends and the battery of his cell phone was dead. After the officer was unable to charge the man’s phone, the lonesome lout became irate and asked for a police escort to James Island, according to an incident report. The report also noted that the man “became very upset, demanding a ride anywhere, even to jail.” Ultimately, the man got his wish and received a free ride to the detention center.

A victim was approached one afternoon by an acquaintance who “causes problems every time he sees him,” according to an incident report. That description proved accurate as the victim was allegedly punched in the face after he refused to give the other man a cigarette.

An officer found an intoxicated man throwing up on a sidewalk one evening. During questioning, the man informed the officer that the current month was December and that they were both standing in York, S.C.

After being arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated, a man refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test. He did eventually make things easy for officers by admitting, “I am 100 percent guilty.”

One attempted shoplifter hid two packages of chicken wings in his pants before trying to exit a grocery store. Noticing the bulging bandit’s efforts to conceal the goods, store staff gave chase, and the suspect flew the coop.

During a routine traffic stop, a driver told an officer that she was nervous because her license was currently suspended. When asked the reason for the suspension, the woman replied, “For driving while suspended.” It is a vicious circle indeed.

A man received multiple phone calls from a stranger informing the victim that he had won a contest and would receive $3.5 million. The man was instructed that all he had to do to claim his cash prize was meet the caller at a department store with $60.