Illustration by Steve Stegelin

This Blotter is taken from reports filed with the Charleston Police Department between Feb. 1 to March. 3, 2022. 

Blotter of the week: Security footage from a West Ashley grocery store caught a thief stuffing a reusable shopping bag with $200 worth of various meats from the butcher. We’re still awaiting an e-vite to the barbecue. 

A catalyst for change
A West Ashley man reported the catalytic converter had been stolen from his 2006 Honda CRV. It probably won’t affect the value that much. 

Just once, please
This week’s reports mentioned numerous people who failed a field sobriety test. Just once, we would love to see an off-balance driver fail, not because they’re drunk, but because they’re actually a toddler. 

Take him straight to the junkie yard
A downtown man pulled over for suspected driving under the influence admitted to “snorting a small amount of heroin” before getting behind the wheel. 

I’ll take a nickel bag of Rocky Road
Police seized drugs and paraphernalia, including a baggie labeled “.5-pound gelato” from a West Ashley vehicle. 

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