This Blotter is taken from reports filed with the Charleston Police Department between Feb. 1 to March. 3, 2022.

Illustration by Steve Stegelin

Blotter of the Week: A West Ashley man who told police he was a federal law enforcement officer reportedly fired a round from his firearm into his iPhone during “practice.” We recommend more practice. 

How high is high? 
A West Ashley man called police on himself after getting too high. When officers arrived, the man told them he wasn’t “feeling feel” and needed to go to the hospital. That is exactly something that someone who had gotten too high would say. 

So was it drugs or finger sandwiches? 
Police spotted a stack of small plastic baggies in the back of a car during a routine traffic stop. Bags like these are often used for transporting drugs, according to the report, but maybe they just like really small sandwiches. 

The Boston Red Bloods 
Witnesses reported to police they overheard a heated argument over gang turf downtown in which one man in a red cap claimed to be a part of the Bloods. When police asked about the hat, he said the Boston Red Sox were his favorite baseball team.

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