Blotter o’ the week: a West Ashley woman threw a potted plant at her neighbor after she refused to keep giving her free cigarettes.

A woman saw a man driving slowly near the Custom House and thrusting his hips upward to try to expose his genitals.

A woman threw an iron and a bike wheel through a man’s window after he refused to give her money. He described her to authorities simply as an “acquaintance.”

This week in Victoria’s Secret thefts: Two women and a girl (thought to be around 15 years old) didn’t buy anything from the store, but left behind a bag with 23 clothing sensors that were removed from merchandise on display. Total value: $1,003.40

A man stole two pairs of Nikes from a King Street shoe store. Catching a charge is probably not the type of sacrifice Kaepernick was talking about, but go off.

A man tried to steal a pack of mini wine bottles by stuffing them into the pockets of his cargo pants.

A man who approached a woman at a King Street restaurant had several photos from her Facebook already saved in his phone. She woke up to a text from him, even though she never gave him her number. When she blocked him on social media, she noticed he’d previously tried to DM her on Instagram. The man later showed up at her job and also sat on a stoop across her apartment at least twice.

A woman told police that a CARTA bus hit her car on Cannon Street and kept going.

A 47-year-old woman was caught stealing $34 in batteries and three boxes of condoms, among other things, from a West Ashley grocery store.

A man whose alcohol breath was “masked by heavy cologne” called an officer patrolling the King Street area a “jackass” in Italian.

An angry driver stepped out of his car with a wooden pole to threaten a woman. After stopping next to her at a light shortly after, he rolled down his window and yelled, “If I didn’t have my kids in the car, I would shoot you.”

An officer wrote that a woman staggering down King Street needed her friends’ help to stay upright, but “thanked them by pushing them away yelling, ‘Fuck you!'”