Blotter o’ the week: A woman, who had been in jail for a month, returned to her apartment to find that the friend she was with the night of her arrest had stolen all her belongings, including her bedroom furniture, laptops, appliances, and artwork. While she was in jail, her landlord even visited her and asked her if she was moving out, to which she said no. Her total estimated loss stands at $24,300.

A woman scratched her ex-husband’s forehead and broke his eyeglasses during an argument inside the garden section of Home Depot.

Surveillance footage from outside a West Ashley storage facility shows a man parking on the side of the building. He pops open the trunk, and a child is seen inside. The child steps out. The man puts something in his mouth and gives him something to drink. A woman steps out of the passenger seat to yell at the kid, who then hops in the back seat.

Someone stole $80 in cash along with a $50 Visa gift card and a $50 gift card to Magnolias and Blossom from the center console of a truck parked behind a James Island apartment complex.

A man walked into a West Ashley bank and asked to have his $3,600 in cash changed from $100 bills to $50 bills. The man then asked if he could get it in Canadian dollars. When the bank teller said she couldn’t do that, he asked for the money in $100 bills again. They exchanged the cash bundles, but later in the day, the teller realized she was short $1,450.

A man was booked and lodged into county jail after he was caught shoplifting $5.55 worth of dish soap from a downtown discount store.

A woman said that her ex-boyfriend dropped a flower pot on her car, causing $500 in damage to the hood and the two front doors.

A drunk man who was lingering outside of a James Island grocery store was asked how much he had to drink. “A little bit right now,” he said. After dropping several cards on the floor while trying to take out his ID, he told an officer, “I’m tryna figure shit out.”

An officer overheard someone say “faggot ass cops” and “man fuck the police” several times while responding to a loud college party. A man was later arrested for throwing a can of beer from the top floor of the building onto the sidewalk, almost striking the cop in the process.

A man avoided a seemingly pointless field sobriety test by telling an officer, “If you think I am intoxicated or anything like that, you can go ahead and take me under arrest.”

A man racked up a $21 bar tab over the course of an hour at a downtown chain hotel. His card was declined, so he left his ID and promised to return with cash. He didn’t.

“Nigga suck my dick,” said one man who was asked to leave a woman’s apartment at the request of four police officers. “I’ll spit on any officer who tries to come at me,” he continued.