Blotter o’ the Week: Two women got into an argument culminating in a threat of gun violence because their shopping carts collided in a supermarket parking lot. Amazingly, this did not take place on Black Friday.

A downtown man told police that he didn’t know why his car smelled like marijuana. He was actually telling the truth because a “white rock-like substance” was found in his vehicle instead of weed.

Police observed two men downtown; one “using narcotics” and the other standing next to him. They approached the man not using an illegal substance and performed a search on his person for suspicious activity.

After returning from a month-long vacation, a man realized the rear tire on the car he had left parked at his apartment was much smaller than the one it had when he left. This is clearly a case of a good Samaritan doing a poor job at changing a tire, and not a tire theft.

Four counterfeit $20 bills were used at a West Ashley restaurant. This isn’t the first time four 20s has gotten someone in trouble with the police.

A man began receiving text messages from an unknown number. The texts referred to the man as a “racist asshole” and threatened to tell Live 5 News about his undescribed bigoted activities. Well, looks like it wound up in the City Paper instead.

On his first day of work at a supermarket, a man reported lost credit and debit cards and found $850 in fake bills in a desk drawer. The life of a loss prevention officer is going to be an adventure.

A West Ashley convenience store employee discovered after work that her tires had been slashed. She believes that the offender is a frequent customer who jokingly walked into the store the week prior pretending to rob them. Maybe slashing her tires was supposed to be funny?

An officer pulled over a speeding vehicle and smelled what they believed to be marijuana coming from inside. After a quick search, the officer confirmed his suspicions. Maybe try breaking one law at a time in the future.

In a freak glass-bottle-throwing accident, a window at a downtown Charleston business was broken the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The business owner told officers he didn’t want the bottle thrower arrested so close to the holiday.

After stopping a vehicle for speeding, officers found two handguns and three magazines full of ammunition; at least one of which had been stolen from Charleston Police in March 2018.

Believing that she was being stalked by her husband, a woman discovered a tracking device under her vehicle. The victim advised that her husband has placed multiple trackers on her car in the past.