Blotter o’ the week: A 10th grader is believed to be behind various lewd messages sent to an 8th grade student via Snapchat, including “do you
shave your bush?”
and the ever-so-suave
“show me your pussy.”

Officers sensed a particularly earthy aroma during a routine traffic stop. Their suspicions were confirmed when the driver pulled a bag of weed out of his underwear.

A woman’s ex-girlfriend walked into her house, began fighting her current girlfriend, threw an empty fish tank and a propane tank on her windshield, beat her front bumper with a two-by-four, and kicked her ex’s mailbox down. When asked by officers why her ex would do this, the woman replied that she “may have been jealous.”

A local middle school student told a 5th grade teacher that he’ll “just bring a gun” to defend himself against another student he was involved with in an earlier altercation.

A middle school student working on a project after school was taken to the principal’s office after writing “im finna die an so r u” on a teacher’s white board.

A woman returned home one afternoon to discover a random purse and its contents strewn over the steps to her porch.

A James Island woman called the cops on a coworker who apparently talks to himself while sharpening knives in the office. This day, he walked over to her and another co-worker and said, “I popped six Xanax to stop me from killing y’all today. I will pop another one and there will be a mass shooting up in this bitch today.” He then poured red ink on a sheet of paper, crumpled it up, and threw it in the trash can.

After a store owner called the cops to remove a man from the front of his establishment, the man returned and told him, “I know you called the police on me so we are going to fight right now.”

A woman called the cops after alleging that she was physically assaulted at a downtown theater company. When officers arrived, the visibly intoxicated woman began screaming and cursing at them, prompting them to arrest her for disorderly conduct.

The Charleston Museum groundskeeper noticed a woman in a pink jacket defecating on museum property. She was formally placed on trespass notice as “this is not the first time this incident has occurred,” according to museum management.

Someone wrote “U the dumbass” in orange spray paint in front of a West Ashley law firm.

A 9-year-old began slicing his wrists with a butter knife and told his mom, “You will only pay attention to me when I’m dead”. This was after she told him to stop going after stray kittens, which neighbors say he was chasing and torturing.