Illustration by Steve Stegelin

The Blotter is taken from reports filed with Charleston Police Department from August 2017.

Blotter of the week: Two men attempted to remove a parking boot from a stranger’s car using a large rock. These Stone Age vigilantes eventually realized the error of their ways
and ran off into the night.


A downtown man was spotted on security footage repeatedly punching a blue car. The car’s owner reported that he discovered his vehicle covered in trash, with dents along the passenger side door. When asked by an officer why he had attacked the vehicle, he told police he thought it was his car, adding that he had been drinking and was “a little trashed.”

A collision center opened up shop to find that all 21 vehicles parked behind the business were unlocked and appeared to have been tampered with.

A NASA employee lost her purple handbag during the eclipse. Hopefully, she won’t have to wait until 2024 to see it again.

Showing the downside of modern advancements in portable gaming systems, a man returned to his car to find his Nintendo Switch had been stolen. Sadly, it was game over for this gentleman.