BLOTTER O’ THE WEEK: In the latest episode of Tequila Body Shots Gone Wild, four women got into a fight in the restroom of a downtown bar after one woman licked another one on the arm. No word on whether there was any salt on the appendage.

Items stolen this week: Seven bikes and two GPS units.

The mother of an area teen contacted police about text messages left on her daughter’s phone by unknown individuals. Several messages were sexual and one in particular mentioned rednecks several times. Rednecks?! It’s surprising that the call wasn’t coming from inside the house.

During a domestic dispute a man tried to shove a cell phone into his ex-girlfriend’s mouth. We can only imagine how his cellmate/boyfriend will try to recreate and improve on this story.

Threat O’ The Week: “It’s times like this that I feel like punching you in the mouth.”

There were two more reports this week of local residents becoming victims of online scams, including one case where a job seeker wired $875 to a prospective employer as insurance because he’d be handling money on the job. The economy has yet to reach the point where we’d actually pay someone for a job.