Blotter o’ the week: A couple stole 12 bottles of champagne, worth $658 in total, from a West Ashley grocery store for a New Year’s bash that’s sure to be impressive.

A man filled a recycling bin with copper and aluminum materials from a downtown construction site in an attempt to sell the metal for $50. He fled through a small hole in a fence when caught by police. He was stopped after a brief foot pursuit.

A shirtless man was seen driving on the wrong side of the road and into ditches off Clements Ferry Road. When officers found him parked in a nearby lot, they shook him for 30 seconds before he responded. The man told officers he only had a couple of shots, but he put his hands on his nostrils when asked if he had taken any narcotics.

A woman got a random text message telling her to, “Be careful walking outside hunny.”

A man kicked a woman’s driver side mirror when she refused to give him a ride to work because he had been rude to her earlier.

A woman was leaving a convenience store when she was stopped by an older man. He told her that her car doors were unlocked, and asked her if she’d like to use his “flip phone.” The woman then walked to her car to find that her iPhone 6 Plus had been stolen from her dashboard.

An employee at a downtown cell phone store is suspected of having stolen $7,605 from the cash drop and a gold iPhone XS Max, valued at $1,000, from a drawer.

A woman walked into a King Street retailer and stuffed a pair of panties and a pair of pants in her purse. She was restrained by two officers as she tried to run out of the store.

A woman quit her job at a chain restaurant, but not before securing her $162.65 bag from the register.

A man was cited with criminal trespassing after he was found sleeping in an abandoned home on Henrietta Street owned by Mother Emanuel.

A woman matched with a man on a dating site. After days of texting and phone calls, he told her that he was flying to Dubai to sign a construction contract. He also told her he needed $12,000 to comply with the Construction Act, so she withdrew the money from her account and sent it to him. He also asked for her account information so he could allegedly send her $6.3 million from the contract. The dating site has since opened an internal investigation into the scam.

A woman with two small bottles of vodka and “several bottles of prescription medication” in her purse was carried out of a downtown restaurant in a stretcher after she assaulted the bouncer.