Blotter o’ the week: An Uber driver convinced an early morning passenger with a hazy recollection of the previous night to change his destination to a local hospital after noticing his injuries. The man was found to have multiple fractures under his right eye, a chipped tooth, a broken nose, and possible brain bleed, according to medical staff.

A woman traded her Uber for a police car when she refused to wait on a side street so she could get picked up on King Street.

Just an idea: CPD could start an extensive, and likely-to-become-viral, meme bank of varying interpretations of city-wide graffiti

A man was found casually sipping mini Sutter Home wine bottles on a bench on John Street.

A woman put mail in her mailbox and raised the flag. Almost an hour later, she found the mail stand broken and the mailbox lying the ground.

A woman who assaulted employees inside a downtown restaurant “hocked a large loogie” in the face of a man who attempted to restrain her.

A man returned to his car to see that all four tires had been stolen. It was siting on concrete blocks with the words “drive now” scratched on the hood and the word “bitch” on the trunk.

A woman who called officers to complain about threatening texts told them that she called the sender the n-word, “and this may be one reason” for the intimidating messages.

Two kids selling palmetto roses circled a couple walking along the Battery. One of the kids put a palmetto rose in the man’s hand, but he said they didn’t want to buy it. He later noticed his wallet was missing when the couple returned to their car.

Officers arrested a man who was sitting at a downtown bus stop, drinking, and screaming at passersby. Either in need of dire help or in full commitment to his character, he had half an empty bottle of vodka in his shirt and one in his pocket.

A woman kept trying to climb the fence of a downtown nightclub after she was escorted out. She said she was just trying to find her friends who were still inside, but when officers offered to help her find them, she screamed and cursed at them, prompting them to arrest her.

When a man’s debit card was declined at a West Ashley grocery store, he shouted at the manager, “Well, maybe you should hire more white people in this place!” He then punched a black customer in the face while he was leaving the store.