Think Alex Trebek is a cocky guy? Not according to Blue Bicycle Books owner Jonathan Sanchez, who appears on Jeopardy March 22.

“Alex is very self-deprecating during the commercial breaks,” says Sanchez, who flew to L.A. in January to record the game show. “People think he knows all the answers, but he’s just being authoritative. He’s definitely rooting for everybody.”

Sanchez auditioned three times before he was chosen as a contestant. When a roadshow came to Charleston seeking potential candidates, he realized that he could try to get on. “I auditioned here, in Orlando, and in Charlotte,” Sanchez says.

At home, the store owner excels at Double Jeopardy. But being on set was very different from sitting on the couch. “Everyone on the show’s quick, smart, and knows the answers,” he says. “And there’s a knack to getting in on the buzzer — you have to be a fraction of a second faster than everyone else.”

Although Sanchez is not allowed to reveal whether he won or not, we’re betting that all that time he spends surrounded by books gave him a fighting chance. His episode is scheduled to air at 7.30 p.m. on Channel 2 WCBD.