The fifth installment of Blume sprang into Club Pantheon Thursday night. The theme of this season’s progressive art show was body, and Charleston’s biggest gay dance club was packed with them. All around Pantheon’s walls, 35 different artists had their art displayed. There were sculptures, silk screened shirts, and, of course, many a painting of the nudes. But along with the paintings of naked bodies, there were also naked painted bodies, dancing on the bar and greeting people as they walked in the club.

DJs like Sonar, JeffyT, and Rocky Horror kept techno music blaring all night, though during the first part of the show, the dance floor remained strangely empty. At least until the as-yet unnamed dance troupe, dressed in black with painted blindfolds over their eyes, got on stage. As the finale of their performance, the interpretive dancers pulled people from the crowd onto the dance floor. And from that moment on until 2 a.m., dance party rage took over Pantheon.

If you’ll excuse the pun, it seems that Blume is really blooming. The crowd at round number five seemed more diverse than at previous episodes, and all the art exhibited was of the highest caliber. Best of all, seeing the different types of bodies portrayed in the art reminded us of the beauty in every shape and size. And the openness of the people dancing in the pit (girl on girl, guy on guy, girl on guy) reminded us that at the gay club, everyone is just a little more fun.