Body Language
Eye Level Art: 103
March 24

Appropriately named Body Language, this band graced the dimly lit Eye Level Art space with an eclectic and refreshing sound. They weren’t just rock. They weren’t just disco. They weren’t just some modern psychedelic jam band. They mixed it all into one ever-moving, tambourine-jumping, multiple keyboarding musical group. We dared you to listen to them and not move to their music.

Opening for Body Language was The He’s, a local rock band with a sound that could best be compared to Kings of Leon. Lead singer Mado Smith brought strong vocals to the group and put power and umph into every note he hit.

The Brooklyn-based headliners played with lots of energy and kept the crowd moving. They even played an encore upon request, which provided for a great David Bowie cover (“Let’s Dance”).

Bandmates Matthew Young, Grant Wheeler, and Angelica Bess, are originally from Connecticut. They picked up drummer Ian Chang when they met while playing gigs in Brooklyn.

“It’s a beautiful city,” said Wheeler at the show about Charleston. “It reminds me of a little beach city with Spanish Moss, which is something we don’t get to see in Brooklyn.” Wheeler provided some vocals, but his main role in the band was as keyboardist and miscellaneous engineer. “I’ve been twiddling knobs since as long as I can remember,” he said.

Next on the Body Language list are some exciting remixes with the likes of Zero 7. “We are definitely looking forward to writing a shit-ton more songs and doing a lot more remixes,” says Wheeler. Body Language tour out West in March, and you can catch their tour dates and sound on their at