Jordan Igoe is in a good place right now. She’s perched up at an oceanfront bar on Folly Beach, one piña colada down, and chatting under the sun about life lately — BandSwap, boyfriend, and all. The bluesy-but-rockin’ songstress just finished filming a BandSwap commercial and has two different gigs later on, including a Surf Bar slot with her bandmate/other half Mackie Boles (Dumb Doctors, The Royal Tinfoil). She’s busy, but more than satisfied. “I’m spoiled rotten,” the 2014 Charleston BandSwap winner admits.

When Igoe entered the BandSwap competition, she had a lot of things going for her: years of performing experience, a new LP, and a familiarity with the business/PR side of things that she gained by speaking with friends like Elise Testone and Rachel Kate Gillon. All of that plus a boatload of talent wowed the judges. “I tour regularly out of town, and I try to promote when I’m going to be there so I’m not playing to nobody,” Igoe says. “I’m out there all the time, and we practice a lot and record, so I feel like that had a lot to do with [winning.]

When Igoe heads to Fort Collins, Colo. for BandSwap’s homecoming shindig, she gets to bring her whole band — bassist Caleb Bodtorf, drummer Marshall Hudson, Charlie Thompson on pedal steel, her sister Jessica Igoe on vox, and, of course, guitarist Boles. The band’s completion happened over time. Igoe realized how necessary Thompson’s steel guitar talents were to her live show during the recording of her stunning debut How to Love. And the most recent addition is long-time friend and Old You guitarist Bodtorf, who switched instruments for this new gig. “He’s lighthearted and fun to be around and brings a lot of positive energy and really feels the songs and plays the songs without showing off,” she says. “For a guitar player to cross over like that and still be able to add to the song is really amazing.”

And Igoe and Boles go way back. “I admired his guitar playing for years before we ever even dated,” she says. The two Mt. Pleasant natives also play together as a duo in Double Trash, defying the logic that couples shouldn’t work together. “Usually when you have a professional relationship with someone you’re involved with, it gets tricky sometimes because if you disagree, you’re more sensitive than you would be if you weren’t with them. But other than that, it’s pretty awesome,” Igoe says.

The crew will use the gigs out West as an opportunity to hit up other spots en route, such as Amarillo, Texas and Santa Fe, N.M. Igoe says she’s never seen the Rockies or the desert, so the scenery alone is something to look forward to. But the band’s also excited to debut a few new songs when they hit the road, like a piano rock ballad called “Black and Blue” and one cover, Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me.” “The reason why we haven’t done that one yet is because it changes keys four times. It starts in E minor — well, hers starts in G minor — and then modulates up. And she was 17 and didn’t drink whiskey,” Igoe laughs.

Admittedly, a shot of Jack Daniels may have been involved when Igoe got the news that she’d won. The funny thing is, Igoe typically avoids contests. “I try to steer clear of most competition things when it comes to art, because I feel like those two things shouldn’t really come together, and if they do it should be a lighthearted thing,” she says. “But I liked everything about BandSwap. And I won’t have the money to go out West on my own, so I was really grateful to get that honor. And we’re all really excited about it.”