New Music Collective is hosting an event Saturday night downtown, and they need your help! Here’s all the info from NMC:


Sat. Dec. 8, 8 p.m.

“Phil Kline’s epic, widespread, enduringly modern take on Christmas Caroling continues for the second year in Charleston. The piece is a city-wide traveling installation that consists of people carrying boomboxes which are playing music created by Phil Kline. The piece is scored for as many boomboxes as possible, so we need your help. Contact the NMC to get in on the experience! All you need is some way to amplify music that is portable; a boombox, a tape deck or iPod with speakers, even a CD player and a bullhorn (don’t forget batteries!). Let us know what you’ve got, and we’ll have music for you to play. Contact us sooner than later if you’d like to participate so we can be prepared with materials. RSVP to

The plan is to meet at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park by 8pm (34 Prioleau St.) and by 8:15 start walking through the streets of Charleston. We’ll walk North on East Bay to Market Street, Then West on Market, and north onto King Street. We’ll pause at Marion Square, and then the caroling will end around 9pm at Redux Studios (136 St. Philip Street), where there will be an OPEN STUDIO SALE going on for all of your contemporary art Christmas shopping needs! The NMC will also provide spiced wine and cider and snacks!!”