Musician, student, and man about town, Tyler Boone is a hard one to keep up with. His hustle-and-bustle attitude is reflected in his recent EP, Changing Pace, most notably the last song on the disc, “Put It Down.” There’s a lot of going on the track, which Mark Bryan helped arrange and produce, and the result is a lively and spirited song that’s just a little bit cheeky, much like the singer-songwriter himself.

Although Boone, hails from El Paso, Texas, and still maintains that sort of everything-is-bigger in-Texas mentality, he has called Charleston home since he was seven years old, and he insists that there’s “enough cool to go around” thanks to the wealth of talent lurking in every corner of the Holy City and the lack of ego within the music community.

Boone’s band and their late manager, Johnny Diamond, began working on Changing Pace around a year ago, and the outcome is a blend of thoughtful lyricism and powerful instrumentation. Recorded at Ocean Industries Studios under the direction of Eric Rickert and Jeff Leonard Jr., every aspect of the new EP was well thought out, down to bringing in graphic artist Gil Schuler for the cover.

Changing Pace will be released on King City Records Oct. 9, both digitally and in stores at Monster Music and Movies. The band is set to perform two release party gigs with their friends, the Sun Dried Vibes, at Midtown on Thurs. Oct. 11 and the Tin Roof on Sat. Oct. 13. Check out tylerboonemusic.com for more details.