For crying out loud, get out of the fn road! I know you guys need money and I completely appreciate the job you do, but please, stop standing in the middle of a busy intersection with a boot. If anyone should know how dangerous this is, it should be you first responders. When one of Charleston’s finest gets mowed down by one of this town’s many poor drivers, it will be on the evening news and everybody will be so sad, and “oh why did this happen to one of our hometown heroes?” Because he was in the middle of the dern road! You fellas are just asking for something bad to happen, as if the dept. hasn’t had enough tragedy to sort out. This practice of panhandling obviously makes our streets even more hazardous, and it irks my nerves. Its a busy intersection, not a crosswalk, and certainly no place for anyone to be standing, except a traffic cop if the light isn’t working. So please, for your own sakes and the safety of the rest of us, hold a bake sale, have an oyster roast, wha!

tever, just GET YOUR BOOT OUT OF THE ROAD!!! I would prefer chocolate chip cookies and a pile of oysters over a car wreck and a dead firefighter. Wouldn’t you?