A new trailer for the sequel to Sacha Baron Cohen’s outlandish 2006 mockumentary Borat shows segments filmed in the South Carolina Upstate.

In the trailer released on Thursday, Cohen’s character is seen at a Halloween store in Greenville and other locations in nearby Spartanburg.

The staff of Halloween Highway told the Greenville Journal that the camera crew stopped by unannounced and asked permission to film while Borat browsed the store with an employee.

“They gave me a paper to sign that didn’t even have a name of the movie on it,” an employee told the Greenville Journal. said. “He was acting goofy the whole time, so we just figured the movie was about that.”

The original Borat film spun off of Cohen’s Da Ali G Show and dispatched the fictional title character into U.S. cities, often making fun of local culture and lampooning Bush-era American politics. In the trailer for the sequel, the film shows a Trump impersonator crashing CPAC, an annual conservative conference.

So, South Carolina residents and Trump supporters, probably be mentally prepping to cringe laugh. Not that anyone is really off limits for Borat.

Borat 2 debuts Oct. 23 on Amazon Prime Video.