I’m not bitter that I got a speeding ticket…I am ANGRY because when I was ‘apprehended,’ I was driving down the road about to drop off my 4 year old at pre-school. I wouldn’t have turned into the school had I thought he was even after me. So, when this baby cop came up to my window (I was directly in front of the school door now), I said i realize I sped, but can we NOT do this in front of the school? I said the other 4 year olds and their teachers will be out here on this sidewalk right in front of us in 30 seconds and I don’t think my son should have to sit through this humiliation. So he moves us 20 feet down. Thanks for nothing. He then proceeds to write me up a ticket (it took TEN MINUTES)…I asked him repeatedly to please turn off the blue lights, so as to lessen the outright drama of it. Nope. THEN, the torrential rain starts, and my mood changes with it. I refused to be humble and sweet in the face of this, so when he finally showed up with his prized traffic ticket, I yanked it out of his hand. He then, predictably, made a huge deal out of that behavior (an obvious attempt to shift blame b/c if anything, he must’ve realized what a bottom-feeder move this whole thing was). Moral of the story: don’t count on grace or class out of a guy in a uniform, you might instead receive complete disrespect and shame, and your little children might get to watch.