The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Trident Area are back in operation thanks to community support, but downtown’s Shaw Unit is still on the ropes. After receiving $5,000 from the City of Charleston and some private donations, the Mary Street site was able to reopen January 6th. Unfortunately, a lack of identifiable sources for funding in the months ahead is making for a very bleak future for the Shaw Unit. At the end of January, the Board will be forced to make some difficult decisions, yet again, concerning whether or not it will be able to afford to keep the site’s doors open. Ongoing talks have proved helpful in the development of ideas for long term funding, but there is still need for more. Another meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 13th at 4 p.m. at 22 Mary St., the Shaw Unit location, and all are encouraged to attend. Please invite your local representative.Visit for more information or to make a donation. –Hadley Lyman