Just went to the P&C’s website and their reporting LIVE on a doe downtown.

The original post was titled “Oh deer! Bambi on the loose downtown,” but some smart copy editor likely realized that Bambi was a boy, not a girl. That’s why they get paid the big bucks (pun intended).

Oh deer! Doe on the loose downtown

— Charleston police officers are trying to trap a deer that is running free in the Ansonborough area of the peninsula.

The doe, which weighs at least 150 pounds, was spotted sprinting along East Bay Street, where it then leaped over an apartment wall at Laurens Street.

Police and animal control officers currently have the doe cornered between two yards. They have tried shooting the deer with a tranquilizer dart and are now trying to catch the animal with a net.

Here’s our story from 2006 on the paper’s unrelenting chase for daily animal coverage.