[image-1]Pour one out. Brewvival is over. The Festival announced today that after eight years of beer fun, it’s no more.

A Facebook post revealed the news this morning:

We would like to thank everyone for 8 years of Brewvival. You took our idea of the best beer celebration and made it a reality. When we started Brewvival, similar events were few and far between, which made it both a challenge and extremely rewarding that we could pull it off. 2 years ago we sensed a shift in it all and we knew it needed to evolve to stay relevant and meaningful, both for you all and us folks who put it on. After all, Brewvival is the beer festival we ourselves want, so it’s got to be good! This was not an easy decision but the reality is: there will not be a Brewvival 2018. We want to take some time to see if there are changes that can be made that we all would want to see.
All good things must come to an end, or so they say ???

Co-founded by Scott Shor and his then-Beer Exchange partner Rich Carley along with COAST Brewing Co.’s David Merritt and Jaime Tenny, the festival has always been held at COAST. Through the years the “not like a drink-your-face-off kind of thing” fest, as Carley described it 2010, grew to become a must-attend event for the beer crowd.

Sadly, those days are done.

Tenny says, “Not much else to say. It was time to stop at least for now. No idea what the future holds with it.”