Last year’s Brewvival was so popular that things got a little crazy. “It was utter chaos,” says Charleston Beer Exchange co-owner Rich Carley. “People were waiting in line for far too long just to enter, exit, get beer, or go to the bathroom. That’s not the kind of experience we are committed to putting on.”

So to fix the problem, Brewvival organizers COAST Brewing Company and the Charleston Beer Exchange have decided to cut down the number of available tickets to 1,800 instead of last year’s 2,500. While this means that you might have to buy your tickets a little earlier, it also means you won’t have to spend half your time waiting for beer, instead of drinking it.

They’ve also completely abandoned their designated driver ticket system. “Last year we had people in here who were designated drivers and couldn’t enjoy any of our amazing beers. Also, in some cases we saw some designated drivers drinking,” says Carley.

Instead of being accompanied by a designated driver, festival attendees will have to get dropped off and picked up, or use the shuttles, which will operate between the festival and the downtown Charleston Visitor Center. This way, everyone who buys a ticket can actually enjoy the beer selection.

Aside from the tickets, attendees can expect more of everything: more beers, more local food vendors, more music, and (thankfully) more bathrooms.

The beer list for Brewvival 2013 probably won’t be released until a week or two before the festival, as many of the participating breweries are currently making the beer they plan to bring.

A few select brews from Stillwater Ale and the Evil Twin Brewing Company will be making their first and last appearances, never to be seen again. And while most of the other beers are not quite as rare, Brewvival’s selection will feature many more beers which are unobtainable in South Carolina apart from this annual festival.

For tickets or more information visit brewvival.com.