A quick update on Skinful Halloween: The owners of Brick House Kitchen, who agreed to host the Oct. 26 event on their property, have received a temporary special event permit to hold the party — and not a moment too soon.

In case you haven’t been following along at home, the annual adult costume party has been bouncing around between various Lowcountry locations for the past few weeks, meeting local opposition seemingly everywhere it went. Skinful finally landed back where it took place in previous years, at the Brick House.

A county ordinance states the following (Section 6.7.3, page 6-78) about temporary special event permits:

Temporary public assembly use and special events, such as cultural events, circuses, outdoor concerts, and parking for special events, shall require a Temporary Administrative Permit from the Planning Director. Such permit shall not be issued for periods in excess of ten (10) consecutive days, and no more than five such permits may be issued per lot, per calendar year. Temporary permits shall be issued only if adequate parking and sanitary facilities are provided to serve the proposed use or activity.

On Friday last week, a county planning official told the City Paper that the event’s organizers had not yet applied for a special event permit. On Monday, a county spokesman said the permitting process was underway, and today, the spokesman wrote to say that Brick House had received the permit.

County Councilwoman Anna Johnson says she received complaints from her James Island constituents about noise coming from Skinful in previous years. But this year, when Skinful’s organizers announced they would use wireless headphones to transform the event into a silent disco after 11 p.m., Johnson sounded optimistic about the outcome of the 13th annual party. “I think this year might be a little bit better now that people are talking back and forth about their concerns,” Johnson said.