We’ve been hearing lots of reports of what Sean Brock wants to do next. First, he was purportedly filming a TV pilot around town, something that combined Duck Dynasty with Anthony Bourdain. He confirmed the TV pitch to Eater back in September, in addition to mentioning his desire to explore Appalachian cooking and open a restaurant in his home state of Virginia.

Then, we heard from a source who crossed paths with the Neighborhood Dining Group guys — among them Tony Bakker and David Howard — at numerous hotspots in Nashville. On Oct. 17, NDG announced they were expanding with a Husk to Nashville, and Sean Brock was suddenly being dubbed chef/partner by the Post and Courier.

It looks like Brock is making his move to a much higher playing level, which seems confirmed by his comments to Bon Appetit. They report today that in addition to buying a home in Nashville, he’s mulling the idea of opening a restaurant in NYC, “It’s my goal to have a restaurant in New York” he told Matt Duckor.

UPDATE: Brock called as soon as he landed in Charleston to laugh at the firestorm created by an off-the-cuff comment he made at the end of a long night in the kitchen. “He asked me if I wanted a restaurant in New York City, and I said, yeah, one day. It’s a goal of mine.” But Brock says he’s got too much on his plate right now to jet off to NYC and open another restaurant. “We’re looking for an apartment or a house to rent in Nashville so we have a place to sleep when we’re there.”

His long-awaited cookbook should also make an appearance in 2013 (“late late 2013”), which will only add to his long list of accomplishments even without a NYC restaurant.

At the recent Ultimate Critics’ Dinner, I chatted with his mother and she expressed her worry that Sean was too busy these days: “He just works himself so hard.” We’d have to agree with that one. The guy hasn’t stopped and doesn’t look like he’s going to anytime soon. Perhaps, if we can get him to sit still for a minute, we can find out his some more details about his plans for the future. Stay tuned.

Here’s a pic of him working hard in Japan with Anthony Bourdain: