[image-1]Wes Denney has big plans for his second Brown Dog Deli. Made in the image of Denney’s wildly popular 40 Broad St. location, Brown Dog Deli at 225 Calhoun St. will have an expanded menu from staples like his Southern Charm sandwich and Hawaiian salmon burger to include things like hibachi and poke bowls.

“I’m right here, we’re in a mecca of a spot with foot traffic and college students,” says Denney of his latest location. “I’m seeing what everyone is eating.”

This isn’t the first time Denney has riffed on his original deli concept. He opened a Brown Dog Eatery in Atlanta that had a more fine dining style and he says his latest Charleston concept will marry that idea with his original Calhoun Street spot.

“I brought the two of them together. We’ll still have our No. 1 sellers, apple butter, house ground burgers with Benton’s bacon,” he says. But Brown Dog Deli on Calhoun, in addition to lunch, take-out, and delivery, will also serve dinner.

“We’re doing Geechee Boy shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles with bone in chicken, a few entrees. And we’ll have beer and wine for sure,” he says. Diners can expect local beers to be served regularly.

Denney also says he’s entirely renovated the space that used to house Norm’s and briefly was home to Smith Street Pizza. The new look features woodwalls and handcrafted tables. The price point might also be a bit different for those who are familiar with the original Brown Dog, perhaps .50 cents to $1 higher for some items, Denney says.

Look for Brown Dog Deli to open late next week.