Of all the one-liners Carroll Campbell III used in his campaign announcement, the one that stuck was a dig on Congressman’s Henry Brown’s top ranking among congressional members when it comes to sending out mail to voters.

“You will know I’m fighting for you in Washington,” he said. “You won’t need to receive newsletters from me to know what I am doing.”

We’re pretty sure that Brown’s new six-page mailer on healthcare reform isn’t an official response to Campbell’s attack, but it certainly suggests he won’t be shamed into the 21st Century. That said, he does encourage voters to give him their e-mail address for his e-newsletter.

Once you dig past partisan attacks The pitch is for a Republican proposal for healthcare reform (H.R. 3400).

It’s also worth noting that the mailer uses the term “government regulated” like it’s a bad thing (how VERY 2007).