Congressman Henry Brown and challenger Linda Ketner met for the third (and likely last) time before election day during a Charleston Rotary Club meeting. It was a very brief exchange, since rotary has like a gazillion guests and birthdays and announcement after announcement after announcement.

Anyway, that led to only a smattering of questions before it was time to go. Ketner was asked whether she would be a rubber stamp to Nancy Pelosi, and she responded that she’s a fiscally conservative Democrat, not uncommon in the South.

“I’m going to be the bane of Nancy Pelosi’s existence,” she said.

Brown said that Pelosi keeps her troops in line.

“I’d be remiss to think that one member of Congress would challenge Ms. Pelosi to change her way of doing business,” he said.

Ketner said it’s incumbent on all members to stand up and stop following the leadership that’s got us where we are today.

“Somebody better start standing up for people,” Ketner said. “I’m not scared of Nancy Pelosi.”

It’s very similar to what Brown said during the first debate:

When Ketner suggested that she would have pressed for changes to the bailout bill, Brown responded, “There is some limits to what a Congressman can do … Ms. Ketner, you wouldn’t have been able to deliver, either.”

“I don’t count on somebody else to lead,” Ketner said. “If I see something, I’ll say something.”