Springtime is here and summer is in the mail, and that means just one thing for some locals: It’s time for the Windjammer’s legendary Bud Light Lime Bikini Bash. Things kicked off last Sunday and will continue every week through Aug. 14. The top contestant from each week will advance to the finals when one lucky lady will be named the hottest of them all.

Host DJ Shay kept the craziness in check with a mixture of wittiness and sharp comments to anyone who forgot they were on the family-friendly Isle of Palms. Each contestant was given a chance to take the stage and win over the crowd. Some chose a simple runway walk complete with big smiles and waves while others went a step further, showing off their most scandalous stripperella moves. Both approaches were effective, but in the end the crowd rallied behind the bubbly personality of Ashley Taylor from Florida.

Any event that combines women in bikinis, a little drama, booze, and live music is guaranteed to be an exciting time. You could say it’s Charleston’s version of a singles retreat. If this competition continues to heat up like it does every year, then you won’t want to miss a single weekend.

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