Bull Street Market is working hard on their new location at 120 King Street with plans to open in July. “It’s everything the original location is,” says owner Justin Croxall,” but with a larger variety of goods and groceries.” The original Bull Street Gourmet in Harleston Village is well-loved for its gourmet breakfast and lunches and a great selection of wine and beer.

At the second location, an expanded grocery section will put a focus on local goods with hopes of offering everything a major organic grocery store does: food (human and canine variety), a large wine and craft beer section, as well as everyday products like toilet paper.

While the menu stays pretty faithful to the original location on Bull Street, a larger kitchen gives Croxall and crew a chance to expand their menu, including several new hot plates and a larger charcuterie section. With an emphasis on to-go items, Cruxall hopes to tap into the South of Broad business lunch-crowd.

“There’s a great cohesive energy in that area,” says Croxall, “plus there’s an incredible amount of attention being paid to the development of northern King Street right now.”

In the last year, Lower King has benefitted from the opening of Bin 152, Husk, and most recently Heirloom Book Co., which are collectively carving out a foodie destination.

“It just seemed very obvious to move to an area with an already-established clientele,” says Croxall, who has plans to open yet another location in Durham, N.C. once King Street gets underway.