[image-1] This week Bulldog Tours has put a positive spin on their now-regular virtual tours. Since March, Bulldog has been offering daily virtual tours of historic sites around town, from Washington Square to the Old City Jail.
[content-2] Now, the tour company is pairing this historic info with an uplifting theme as part of their “Trials, Tribulations, and Hope” series. Stories of resilience can really resonate right now, especially when the coronavirus pandemic appears to have no end in sight.

Recent topics have included Civil War and Reconstruction, the sinking of the Hunley, The Revolution, and tornadoes (a natural disaster that’s been all too relevant in recent weeks).

Needless to say, this city has seen its share of hardships in the past 350 years.

In a COVID-19 statement, the tour company explains why they continue to go virtual every day: “There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, so we hope to bring a little levity to your day, to teach you something new, and to hopefully make you smile. Charleston has seen a lot in her time, and we know she’ll make it through this moment as well.”

Check out all of Bulldog’s virtual tours on their Facebook page.