Local rockers Bully Pulpit are getting ready for a string of small tours beginning in August after they originally thought they’d set off in May. The guys had been “carefully planning on leaving dogs, friends, family, jobs, girlfriends for longer than we wanted to,” guitarist Rex Stickel says, when they realized their booking agents screwed them over. The band wound up with a refund and a Plan B.

“The dates we have posted now have come out of desperation from the band pulling all our resources,” Stickel says. “We’ve reached out to every traveling band we’ve shared the stage with and are pulling together whatever we can to save the Summer.” The first show of the salvaged tour is in Nashville on August 3. Bully Pulpit isn’t too worried about all the drama anymore. “It’s not like we’re looking for justice or a public forum to roast these dudes,” Stickel says. “We just wanna rock.”