Homegrown culinary tours have been around a while, but with all the attention Charleston is getting this days —No. 1 city in the country! No. 3 city in the world! — it was only a matter of time before culinary tour groups from afar started trekking into town. An Atlanta-based blog Bunkycooks has put together quite an itinerary for its first-ever visit to Charleston in November.

The 16 hungry tourists who sign up for this trip will stay at Charleston Place, have drinks at the Thoroughbred Club, and then head to Husk for dinner on Sunday night. First thing Monday morning, they’ll join up with Chef Craig Deihl of Cypress for a farm tour of Keegan-Filion in Walterboro followed by a beer-paired barbecue lunch at Thackeray Farms on Wadmalaw. That sounds right nice, doesn’t it?

After that, it’s naptime or, rather, free time for attendees before a wine-paired dinner at Cypress. Whew. I’m full and tired just thinking about this day. But it sounds like a ton of fun.

On Tuesday, the tour heads to Trattoria Lucca for a cooking class with Ken Vedrinski. I imagine he’ll demonstrate his pasta-making skills before plying his guests with delicious wine and food.
That night, it’s off to Charleston Grill for a wine dinner with Executive Chef Michelle Weaver.

  • Mike Lata and Gwen Pratesi

The event is organized by Gwen Pratesi, who came to town recently and spent some time interviewing local chefs. You can check out Bunkycooks to see her interviews with Mike Lata of FIG, Sean Brock of Husk and McCrady’s, Craig Deihl, and Michelle Weaver.

The On the Road Culinary Adventure Tour to Charleston happens Nov. 6-9 and costs $950 per person.