Today, a new burger shop — Burger Babies — opened on King Street in the former Tacone spot. People love burgers, so the hype has been immediate. Fellow foodie and CP webmaster Joshua Curry couldn’t stand the suspense, so he made a beeline for the place to check it out at lunch.

They basically offer a menu of sliders. Pick your bun and pick your protein. If you go with brioche, you can choose from beef, turkey, chorizo, and portabello. Go with the steamed bun (think dim sum palace food) and you can pick shredded chicken, pork belly, tofu, or tempura shrimp.

Here’s Josh’s take:

It’s basically a Taco Boy model for sliders. Specialty hand food around $3.50 a pop. I got three (plus one free) sandwiches as a combo with plantain chips and a coke and it cost around $13.

The Tofu burger had chili mango chutney, shaved globe radish, and black sesame. The chutney dominated and yielded a taste more sweet than savory. Turning up the chili or adding another slice of radish would help.

The pork belly burger was pretty damn good (hoisin, spicy cucumbers, and peanuts). It was a little sweet because of so much hoisin. More of the spicy cucumbers would balance this out.

The cheeseburger was fine. I was impressed that the patty was on the medium side because it’s so thin.

The chorizo burger was the real star. The cilantro aioli really makes it sing.

The plantain chips were tasty and had a satisfyingly strong lime flavor. The portion was really small though. That might be because I got the combo deal.

All the proteins could use more basic seasoning, S&P, etc. The steamed bun approach is a nice change and the brioche buns had a nice toasted crunch.

The sweet potato tots are a hit. I saw two people go back for another order.

They’ve got a great location between CofC and the Market and should get a lot of foot traffic. If they balance the recipes a little better and come up with a cheaper combo deal, they should do pretty well. — Josh Curry

So there you have it. An eyewitness report from Burger Babies first day on King Street. Make your plans. Report back. Eat up.