[image-2]A few lots down from Rutledge Cab Co. sits an empty building at 2130 Mt. Pleasant St. It’s been home to a Christmas tree lot, an auto body shop, and most recently a family of pygmy goats. Now the partners behind Rutledge Cab Co., Brad Creger, Mike Veeck, and, Charleston’s favorite thespian Bill Murray, are planning to transform it into a standing food truck spot called Food Truck O’Rama. 

[image-1]”We’ll have a full service bar in the building and provide water and electricity to food trucks,” says Creger. The group is currently awaiting approval of a liquor license, but if that goes through, they’ll begin the build out. “We’ll provide all the creature comforts you don’t get at a food truck rodeo,” Creger adds. “The building will act as a hub for trucks to park and we’ll provide bathrooms, music, and seating.” Creger hopes to have four trucks at any given time with a coffee truck in the morning, lunch options, and dinner. The business partners own multiple lots around the property he adds, including behind, suggesting that parking wouldn’t be a problem for neighbors.

“We’d like it to be like some of the places in Austin,” he says. No agreements with any food trucks are in place yet, but Creger says the food truck owners he’s approached have been keen on the idea. “We also plan to have a guest truck, so any chef in the world could come and stay for a week and cook their food,” Creger says. 

While more than one editorial has suggested that the era of the food truck is over, Creger doesn’t think that’s the case in Charleston. He says, if anything, Food Truck O’Rama can only help.