Citadel students had a wild time on Sun., Oct. 25. The night ended with local police assisting campus security in quelling rioting cadets at one of the barracks.

Hours before that incident, city police were called to a French Quarter hotel because of a drunken disturbance involving as many as 18 cadets stumbling out of a private party at a nearby club.

Witnesses, including an off-duty North Charleston officer, claim the cadets were running up and down the street, “screaming, punching parked cars, and pretending to fight each other.”

One cadet was arrested for disorderly conduct and eight cadets were cited and released. And that was only 7:30 p.m.

In a separate incident less than four hours later, local police were called to Watts Barracks on the Citadel campus regarding a disturbance. Cadets were throwing bottles, trash cans, chairs, and water balloons, according to police. Campus officials say the disturbance likely began after a public safety officer arrested a 20-year-old cadet for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The school stressed in a statement that most Watts Barracks students weren’t involved. The school takes the event seriously, says L. Jeffrey Perez, vice president for external affairs.

“The Citadel is aggressively investigating the incident, and cadets found to have engaged in unacceptable behavior will be held accountable in a manner fitting with the seriousness of the matter and in accordance with college rules and regulations regarding discipline,” Perez says.

Teaser art by flickr user SC Fiasco.