Buy Local Week has always been a holiday-season reminder that your local businesses need your support more than, say, Walmart’s stockholders.

But, like the Lowcountry Local First movement, Buy Local Week is expanding. This year, Buy Local Month is providing four weeks of activities. And, with a new discount card, Charlestonians will have a year-round local first reminder.

With more than 350 members, LLF was created in 2006 to organize local businesses and advocate for more spending at those mom and pop shops too often squeezed out by the mega-marts of the world.

LLF Executive Director Jamee Haley says the group realizes that Christmas is “typically a make or break time for most independent retail businesses.”

The campaign this year includes the “Buy Local Card,” which will offer discounts at shops and restaurants throughout the region. The $20 card will be available at participating businesses and during events like this weekend’s 2nd Sunday on King Street. —Greg Hambrick