It all started with the bunny.

My buying local project was going along just fine. I was eating dinner at places like Taste of India on Savannah Highway, shopping at Half Moon Outfitters, and stocking the shelves with food from the Pig.

And then I got a rabbit and it all went out the window.

Last Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I headed to Hucks Produce stand on Folly Road to get one of the last pumpkins on all of James Island. As we were haggling over the pumpkin, the proprietor and I started chatting about the bunnies. Will Moredock had written about the stand being overrun with rabbits earlier in the week. So I innocently asked if they had been able to find homes for all of them. She led us out back to see them for ourselves.

Bunnies are cute. Real cute. So cute that I couldn’t help myself. I snatched the little gray one up and said we’d take her.

We brought her home in a vegetable box with some hay and collard greens, but we needed a cage. So that evening, we went to Petco. Yes, Petco. It was 7:30 p.m. and there wasn’t a local option for shopping. And even if it was the middle of the day, I’m not so sure there’s a local pet shop that carries cages and the like for small critters. Most of them tend to specialize in quality foods and unique toys — not bunny food and litter boxes.

A hundred dollars (!) later, our bunny was all set. But wouldn’t it be great if we could clean out the dog house and build an outdoor pen for her too? The next day my husband and I raked and cleared an area for her, but we needed chicken wire. Off to Lowe’s we went. This bunny was really making me fall of the cliff. And once over the edge, it’s hard to readjust.

The rest of this week has been littered with failures, not all of which are the bunny’s fault.

On Tuesday, I forgot to pick up my CSA box.

On Thursday, not only did I shop at Publix but I bought pre-cut veggies, prepared cole slaw, and fried chicken for dinner. I was a slave to convenience.

Being a conscious shopper and eater is difficult. Sometimes I wish I could just feed my kids McDonald’s and be done with it all. But alas, not only would I be wracked with guilt, my kids would refuse to eat it! They’re little snobs-in-training, and most of the time I’m OK with that.