The Citadel recently released the findings of a spring study on sexual harassment and sexual assault at the school. The results were surprising to some current and former cadets unaware of the prevalence of harassment at the school. Citadel President John Rosa, who commissioned the study, has said it will serve as a baseline to gauge the effectiveness of future values and respect programs and college operations. “We must strengthen the culture of respect within the Corps — that means self respect as well as respect for others,” Rosa wrote in a letter to parents. “A culture of respect means that there is no room for mistreating others. A culture of respect means that cadets treat their classmates as brothers and sisters. The Values and Respect Program includes an education program to help cadets to make good leadership choices and to influence their classmates to do likewise.” The survey included 114 of 118 women and 487 of the 1,777 men enrolled. Most alleged incidents of sexual assault were not reported to college officials or the authorities. Source: The Citadel