Tasked with finding Charleston County’s most dangerous intersections and knowing that drivers greet most any intersection between here and Summerville by tightly gripping the wheel while looking simultaneously in every direction to avoid tragedy, one would be a bit perplexed at how to determine the answer. Fortunately, the regional Council of Governments compiled a list of the 12 most dangerous intersections. While Interstate 26 is a frequent culprit, it gets hardy help from its friends Rivers Avenue and Ashley Phosphate Road. The stress reduction alone might make a commuter rail-line worth it.


1. 1-26 W ramp @ Ashley Phosphate Road and Northwoods Blvd

2. US Hwy 17 @ Courtenay Avenue (Crosstown Connector)

3. 1-526 & US Hwy 52 Interchange

4. Rhett Avenue @ Remount Road

5. US Hwy 52 @ Eagle Drive

6. Ashley Phosphate Road @ US Hwy 52

7. US Hwy 17 @ Venning Road

8. 1-26 E @ Exit 211

9. US Hwy 17 @ Park West Boulevard

10. 1-26 Mainline (just north of Eagle Dr.)

11. Cosgrove Avenue @ Azalea Drive

12. Ashley Phosphate Road @ Stafford Road