We’re sure you noticed while sitting in gnarly Crosstown traffic that Porky’s Barbecue closed and has reopened as Charleston Pizza Company. It happened about two weeks ago. Brian Wolter, owner of both Porky’s and Gilroy’s, the pizza place on King Street, obviously decided that pies were a better option for that space on the Crosstown.
Wolter is quick to point out that CPC is not serving the same pizza the King Street landmark serves up to drunk college kids at 2 a.m. Charleston Pizza Company uses an entirely different recipe and only offers two other items on the menu: Philly cheesesteaks and wings.

“Because we only serve three items, we can focus on making the food as delicious as possible,” says Wolter. “We don’t want people to think this is Gilroy’s 2.” That would have been Pep n’ Cheese, the tiny little pizza delivery operation on Coming Street that Wolter had running for a while there, but it closed a while back and reopened as the Taco Spot.