We have the letter C to thank for much in this world. Without it, we wouldn’t have cake, cookies, or my uncle Carl. There would be no Charleston, and we would have to all move to Summerville. There would be no cable, forcing us to read things like books or whatever. And we would be robbed of the utility of cargo shorts.

We must also thank the third letter for its philanthropic pursuits when Chai’s hosts Brought to You by the Letter C: A Benefit for SideWalk Chalk, which was rescheduled because a little lady named Irene. Thanks to the letter “C” there will be an evening of dance, costume, and drinking in the name of education.

Visit bytheletter.org to donate to teams raising money for SideWalk Chalk, a local group striving to educate and empower underprivileged students. The teams are invited to show up at Chai’s dressed up in costumes honoring the letter while dancing the night away with DJs Rocky Horror and Party Dad.

The Lowcountry HighRollers, Quentin Baxter, and Nathan Durfee will be the celebrity judges awarding prizes for best costume, best dressed, and most money raised. Team members get free entrance and drink coupons.