[image-1] Chloe Davis King (formerly of Collective Coffee Co.) says she’s been working in the coffee industry for upwards of seven years, tackling different jobs in different environments. But operating the new Tu Cafe, a coffee shop taking over Tu’s space Mon.-Sat. 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., will be a whole other beast.

“The cafe officially opened on Monday and it’s been so exciting,” says King. “The idea behind the space is to create a cool, unique, fun coffee program at the bar of Tu during the day while the space isn’t utilized. The space feels warm and open and perfect for a coffee shop. Josh [Walker] reached out because he was on the hunt for a coffee professional that was looking to take on the project with full force and I happily agreed.” [image-2] Davis says she was was excited to “have an opportunity to get creative with everything I’ve learned.” She also notes that “this won’t be a typical coffee house serving vanilla lattes, which may scare some people at first, but the menu is so exciting yet approachable which hopefully helps people step out of their comfort zone.”

Menu items will include a rotating pour over, “for just a simple cup of coffee” as well as special drinks (think coffee cocktail sans alcohol), cold brew, tea, and a “daily tonic” that will always be changing and will be little bit more on the healthy side featuring house made kombucha.

So far, Davis says the most popular drink has been the “Ari Up.” “I make cold brew ice cubes, and shake some coconut cream, rose water, and turmeric together to create a sweet and milky golden coffee beverage.” Almost sounds Tu good to be true.

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